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  • Aug 8th, 2013 @ 9:46am

    Interesting years (as in the ancient Chinese curse)

    Couldn't help notice that these policies were intro'd in 2005/6 (Neo-con Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government) but as soon as they lost the Senate, the policy was removed from the books (also doesn't mean these policies have been abandoned, they're just not as blatant).

    Now who'd've thunk it, that the stalwarts of Big Brotherism would turn out to be Republicans and the blue dog-turd Dems (also conservative)? Certainly not us who survived Watergate.

    Rabid Fundamentalism and political power. Geesh! No wonder Ol' Barry Goldwater left the Party of the Grands. (Have wondered ever since what took him so long.)


  • Jul 31st, 2013 @ 7:48pm

    Re: Really? You are incensed?

    Incensed, huh? And yet you have the clue to the truth right there in your statement. On the one hand you act all huffy that "Only 3-5% of homes in the US do not have access to wired broadband services". But then you say in the very next paragraph " that only "3-5%" of homes don't have wired broadband services"?

    Dude! Can't you tell the difference between "having" and "having access"? A real world of difference. You ought to read her book, even if you have to borrow a copy from a library. You might find the error of your ways. So many reasons why those who may "have access to broadband" don't "have broadband". It isn't because they're cheap. It's because DSL only works if you live next door to the telecom exchange. The real speeds of DSL fall unbelievably rapidly with distance. The price of cable internet access as a stand alone service is jaw dropping.

    The solution--universal access to fiber optic cable TO THE HOME/BUSINESS has been cancelled while the service providers wait for a conservative Congress to put the funding on the backs of taxpayers while keeping the ownership of that infrastructure private.

    My only complaint about her book is she missed THE critical aspect of the subject matter--internet delivered video and the codec used for compression/decompression in light of "metered service", whether wired or mobile.