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  • May 1st, 2012 @ 5:26am

    sw florida spammers are horrible!

    i run a owner operated power washing business. i post in the household services section, sometimes the skilled trades.
    i post once.
    every time i post, ill check to make sure it actually made it (sometimes it doesnt and i dont know why) and on top of me is 15-20 posts from the same company also advertising power washing.
    they must have someone sit in the office and check it all day to see if they get top posted, then they splash an insane amount of ads to stay on top.
    i know when i post im asked for a phone number every so often. i am only 1 guy, i have a landline and a cell. this company must be using the emails and phone numbers of all of thier employees.
    craigs should only allow 1 post a day, per section, per ISP, this might help that. also, when are they going to require a license number to post in ALL services sections? right now where i am at, its only required in the theraputic section. unlicensed contracting is ILLEGAL. it should be required by ANY contractor looking to provide a service.