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  • Jul 31st, 2014 @ 3:02am

    Trademark Genericide

    Hi Mike Masnick your post is amazing. It is very interesting and helpful to. Thank you for your valuable thoughts.
    Trademarks are face of your business and also a marketing tool. World’s most famous and big brands selected a brand name and a special trademark for their businesses. Registering of trademark enables the customer to differentiate the goods and services offered by the manufacturers. A trademark identifies the source of goods and services. A trademark ensures the experience of consistent quality. Trademark provides an effective advertisement. As it is important to register a trademark for your business like that registering a trademark for your blog or any movie title is also important.
    Trademark Genericide with a famous adage and it goes like – too much of anything is good for nothing. When a brand name becomes too popular and people start using it very frequently for a product or a particular task then the manufacturer of the product loses his products relevancy in market place. When this happens the particular trademark becomes generic term.
    For example, Xerox Corp. sells printers and photocopying machine. The brand has become so popular. People use to say – please Xerox these papers instead of saying please photocopy these papers.
    But prevention of trademark Genericide is very important for the company owners from the very beginning of their establishment of their business.
    Today I came across this amazing new website were i read about this more about avoiding trademark generic.
    I think you should check this site too. You will find some interesting information there.
    For more information and registering your trademark please do visit:

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