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  • Google Urges Google Glass Users To Stop Being Weird, Ordinary Human Beings

    rycho ( profile ), 20 Feb, 2014 @ 04:43pm

    In another time...

    If Glass had been created back in, say, the 50's it would've been lauded as a great contribution and benefit to society, putting aside the lack of technical ability that existed at the time for the hypothetical to work.

    It's interesting to observe how in today's environment of abusive government activities, widespread mass surveillance, and heightened safety/privacy concerns, products like this are viewed with a very different perspective, and by different I don't mean rose-coloured.

  • Spike Jonze Being Sued For 'Her' Over Generic Plot Similarities

    rycho ( profile ), 20 Feb, 2014 @ 04:19pm

    Product Placements

    A shameless plug by the author; lest all the corporate leviathans take it all.

  • Nintendo: Broader, Awful Anti-Piracy Measures Are Sure To Turn Our Fortunes Around!

    rycho ( profile ), 20 Feb, 2014 @ 03:31pm

    We're getting money from you...

    whether it's from sales or suits, you're gonna pay us.

  • DHS Suffers Moment Of Clarity, Shuts Down Plans To Build A Nationwide License Plate Database

    rycho ( profile ), 20 Feb, 2014 @ 03:22pm

    As it ever was...

    Man wheels a huge stack of boxes into room; each full of paperwork and photo images.
    "We've been watching you for awhile," he says. "We don't like the way you have been questioning our abuse of your liberties or how you're not conforming. So we constructed a watertight case against you."

  • Spike Jonze Being Sued For 'Her' Over Generic Plot Similarities

    rycho ( profile ), 20 Feb, 2014 @ 02:52pm

    Gross images

    Timothy, I had to get gross to come up with five places. Does that mean my imagination needs work or therapy?

    This seems to be a case of mistaken definitions. Cell phones are totally different to smart phones. A cell phone doesn't have voice-activation, search functionality, or simulated sex apps - microwaved or not.

    I'm surprised their legal claim didn't just say that Belv and Her both contain the letter E, which they clearly stole, so put a fork in it. Case closed.

  • Police Chief Publicly Disciplines Officers On Social Media

    rycho ( profile ), 16 Jan, 2014 @ 04:26am

    Conduct Unbecoming

    Many, if not most, professional associations (e.g. lawyers, accountants, etc.) have strict codes of conduct for members of the association. If a member is found to have breached the code, they're brought before a panel/tribunal and the matter is usually publically published including the punishment. I don?t see why police officers should be any different to similar practices. Perhaps it should be compulsory for all employees?