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  • May 9th, 2010 @ 6:03pm

    nameless one is right

    not about blaming obama for everything, but in lunacy comes the solution- if everyone or a sizable minority turned everything off for awhile, not forever, just for awhile, the business model becomes untenable. penitentiary joe the worthless cousin might lose his hillbilly string the cable to the house job but he's practically unemployable anyway. the good news as the guy over at ars mentioned is telesynched hdtvcams right out of the living room, no more idiots getting up for a pop corn run or to take off the jacket and upped to the usual joints before the last credits roll. see namelessone, obamas not the problem its just your lack of intellectual mobility, your lack of stealthily negotiating the modern world. sadly the 19th century is long past- time for you to update the intellectual paradigm i think.

  • May 4th, 2010 @ 6:46pm

    no slavery?

    wage monkies working pay check to pay check, no prospects for any kind of independence, no creativity, no time for the individual, constrained by society into subservience for the greater good, your labor props up a narrow segment of society that enjoys all the benefits of free life you are denied, while you slave at the monotonous tedious boredom of middle class existence waiting for the next two week vacation at the shore. i just joke- nobodies a slave. but you have to admit this incredibly detailed fiction we live in the 21 century is a hellva gag.

  • May 3rd, 2010 @ 6:48pm

    3 strikes and off to rapidshare

    i don't guess the infringement cops have noticed everybody plus dog now finds a blog with links and most people use those search engines for stuff. i even found mikes murder up on some hong kong upload joint. which is why att has capped download at 675k. i think the three strikes is just a diversion from the real crime of selling 1.5m and delivering the above mentioned rate. only grannies are using piratebay and torrents, way behind the curve. besides they aren't going to cruise the hardcore porn stops where all the content is getting hidden now. whack a mole anyone?

  • Apr 10th, 2010 @ 7:42pm

    Re: So many excuses for theft

    i always liked clarkes short story the 9 billion names of god. if you had a program that took every possible combination of the english language, like your post above. do you own that? you wrote it but what about it distinguishes it from a random pattern that happens to make sense. so we come to a pre fabricated meaning that reflects a moral truth. that truth is the self reflection you see as value. you see yourself as a deed. an unequivocal action.but what if we deconstructed that action into a series of proposals, that say, ultimately exist to legitimizes a business structure, can't be a thief because it destabilizes the machinery. so are you free or are you just the sum of the limited possibilities of a certain defined business model. are your ethics freely obtained or bought by a paradigm that reduces your choices to a stark either or. i am wondering if there is really a you, or is that you, just a reflection of the sum of our significations, our historicisms. you may find you are artificial, a digital copy if you will. a copy without an ultimate legitimate source. just a thought anyway

  • Jan 21st, 2010 @ 11:09am

    the value of pirates

    i was at wal-mart and saw that old movies, recent history ones, were at four dollars.four dollar dvds, wow, with me, i steal because its a political statement, dvd of sherlock holmes could be one worthless dollar and i'd still get the screener off the bay, but to the point, movie theaters are the last place the mfaa can get 10 12 bucks to see their lousy crap before the word gets out. but they are stupid because people are not going to quit going, too many reasons to go, juvenile delinquents getting out of the house, girls, ect. i don't know what the end game looks like, if dvd releases happened two days after the screeners came out would that put on the pressure to have something new faster? warner brothers turns into a sort streaming network, as much content as fast as they can make stupid morals or language caveats, somebody ought to try something new but of course if the stock drops, then a head would have to roll and we'd have one more lawyer going to culinary school or standing in line behind the rest of the ambulance chasers.

  • Jan 19th, 2010 @ 9:35pm

    see what the pirates did

    i don't steal rock and roll because of the natural stupidity that is that music, you know middle class white kids with nothing else to do, total waste, but i have charlie parker cd's i bought for 25.00 long time ago. i was in wal mart and they were pimping some crap for 6.00. keep stealing people- don't give the scumbag lawyers anything, tell the investment bankers to run something else in the ground no money here.keep stealing, yea a few kids will have to sell hamburgers for awhile but eventually the riaa will be broken and music might rise out of the ashes. keep stealing brothers keep stealing

  • Aug 24th, 2009 @ 9:24pm

    what the fuck is a skank

    meaning the definition is so ambiguous it has no meaning, how can she sue somebody for calling her a nebulous undefinable adjective, now if port had said, i saw the skank cohen rob the bank in chinatown yesterday - buts what's really cool, is this skank cohen we've been talking about, is she going to sue me, and everybody else on this blog that called her the skankiest of the skank, because shes a skank and i know it because i inferred that deep seated skankness all the way down here deep in the heart texas, or is she just going to change her name to her royal highness skank princess of skanktown