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  • Aug 9th, 2011 @ 12:30pm

    Reply to Patently Absurd

    Corporate Giants like IBM,Microsoft have spent the last 20 years destroying a "Non Absurd" patent system. First the Markman decision takes the jury away from claim construction and forces all cases to the CAFC for a REAL claim construction decision.This is like sending all traffic cases to ONE COURT to determine if the light was red or green. This is patently absurd. What is needed is regional patent courts and very few appeals. What is needed is mandatory triple damages against IBM and friends who steal from small Middle Class folks. The next main problem is the 30 month wait for the patent office to read their mail.I used to get issued patents in 18 months back in 1988.The fee diversion has killed Middle Class patent protection.The new Patent Reform worsens this delay by adding another challenge task to an underfunded patent office. More Delay, More Stealing. Goodbye Middle Class jobs.

  • Jul 26th, 2011 @ 3:07pm

    Is Intellectual Ventures A Crook?

    Visit the public PAIRS system at USPTO and check patent application serial number 11/173,990 and the Third Party Submission 37 CFR 1.99 dated 9/18/2007.That was me. Nathan had filed 35 patents on a nine year old idea of offering free printed photos in exchange for printing ads on the photos. Sort of print "Alpo" on your tie, then Alpo pays for your printed photo for the privilege of keeping their name in your family photo album forever.How was it that IV could not find half a dozen killer references but little me did? Was Nathan trying to monopolize an entire advertising method with 35 fraudulently obtained patents? The USPTO Finally Rejected this case after six years.Big Money with Bad Patents are Bad for America. NPR should rewind their reporters to describe why these smelly tactics are not cause to tear down the patent system.