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  • Jun 27th, 2011 @ 3:52pm

    Re: Seriously...

    Figures. AZ is a testing ground for some of the most heinous police activity anywhere, as well as crazy legislation. The GOP controls the population center and they test out truly insane policies in places like Tucson to see how the more-liberally minded react to form their strategies without losing power. This has been going on longer than the 20 years I've lived there. This kind of clear unconstitutional action *should* reflect on tourism, and Jan Brewer and the rest of the cretins in PHX should see their political careers ending as the bottom line reflects.

  • Jun 27th, 2011 @ 11:01am

    Re: (as Anthony Novelli)

    Other craziness aside, it is hard to argue that Prince doesn't know music. His impact on the industry is huge and lasting, and he was at least a competent musician on several instruments and contributed much to the Minnie music scene. And how many of the similarly huge artists don't have their own closet-fulls of crazy?

    That said, I agree that there is a definite difference between analog and digital, even for most people. Decent turntables always provided far more fabulous sound, that was far more realistic and less punchy. Ironically, one could argue Prince added this very digital-like signature to George Clinton's music and reinvigorated GC's career. But back to the point, I've a friend with tinnitus and he cannot listen to any digitally sampled music whatsoever. There is yet to be a real scientific response on this board about what kinds of impact it puts on the brain to jump from one sample to the next.. our capacities are so far beyond what can be interpreted digitally it's a joke, and merely an assumption that we suffer not from it, let alone benefit. I'm with Neil Young on this one.

    We take technology like this as good and impartial without due respect to us as organism, like we take for granted just about every other "advance" in technology. It should not be considered crazy to question why the exponential increases in processing power and storage density have netted almost zero improvement in quality of life or anything else truly measurable, except of course, "convenience" in terms of short-term gratification. We are truly amusing ourselves to death.