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I'm an IT prof in Nebraska. One of my specialties in IT Ethics. I think IP law is horribly broken. Larry Lessig is a god.

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  • Aug 22nd, 2012 @ 9:15am

    Should Joe have to first get permission from me to identify me in a photo?

    Yes, Joe should have to first get permission from you to identify you in a photo. One of my biggest problems with Facebook is that awful tagging without permission feature. I'm glad people can hide tagged images now, but back in the old days of Facebook you could wake up and have photos tagged of you that you don't want tagged. They could be unflattering or whatever. Any photo can be made to look worse than it is, too, so please no one start with "well, if you weren't doing anything wrong..." Bottom line: I control my image and I don't wish to have it tagged without my permission.