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  • Jun 23rd, 2011 @ 12:56pm


    Yeah you use the word bomb and your ass is getting tackled QUICK ! (maybe go with shot to the nuts?)

  • Jun 21st, 2011 @ 1:32pm

    Re: Odd...

    YUP! Welcome to the Fascist States of America ! Soon we will have political officers (Street Cameras) on every corner. Oh wait, if you live in Chicago you already have that :)

  • Jan 7th, 2010 @ 2:42pm

    RE: they're now more likely to get it in an unauthorized manner.

    They're now more likely to get it in an unauthorized manner.

    Absolutely true. Those of us who still have jobs are having to work 80 hours a week to keep them. So by the time I get home anything I want to watch has already aired. I goto Hulu or the Studio's website and try to watch it and am told I have to wait 24 hours. I go to the "Sailor's Cove" and can download a copy in less time than it takes to watch it.

    Sure I can pick my own grapes and make my own wine, but I would rather goto the store and buy a bottle because its easier. When it comes to movies this point is particularly prevalent, it is not just about having the content to provide its also about how you deliver it.

    If its easier to download it from some site and watch it when you want to, then it is to wait and maybe catch it when the content provider ALLOWS you... which are you going to do?

    These days with content being put in a digital form from conception to production and then to broadcast a copy will get out PERIOD. The content provider can only dictate terms for so long before the consumers backlash or find an alternative. These days the alternative to paying for content is pirating it. I know its an ugly word but the fact is their are pirate out there and these days with content providers attempting to lock up their content its easier to pirate it. Once your customers educate themselves on how to obtain the same content for free its very hard to convince them to pay for it anymore. The MPAA and RIAA only have them selves to blame for the amount of piracy out there.

    Do I believe content providers should be compensated for producing a good quality product? YES!

    Do I believe content providers can abuse their customers and not expect a few of them to stop paying for a lower quality of service than is expected? NO.

    GO ahead Ted Warner and lock up the content you would be getting paid for on NetFlix... You will just get robbed by the pirates instead. Once they saw your shitty movie for free whats the chances they are going to pay you to rent it from net flix? NetFlix isn't stupid either if the demand for your DVDs drop they aren't going to buy and shelf as many. You are the only one that looses revenue. How is that consistent to the fiduciary duty you hold to your stock holders?

    And PLEASE don't give me the sob story about how the little guys aren't getting paid. The actors, director, screen writer etc all got paid or they wouldn't have done the movie and only a sucker would take points unless its a feature film with a james cameron at the helm of a marquee line up of performers. The only one that doesn't get paid is Ted Turner.