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  • Mar 10, 2015 @ 09:14pm

    why not implement and modify rules on rural co op electric to internet

    Being a member of a rural electric company. The rules in the beginning to supply power to customers meant the government supplied start up cash. To a company. A company that once profitable had to pay back the government and pay customers dividends above operating expenses. That was the taxpayers reward for having the government loan money to electrify rural areas. It would seem the internet would fall under the same national interest of; " everyone should have internet access". I feel the government should declare the internet a utility. Non profit and pay dividends to customers on line once profit in any area becomes a reality, in that area. If that makes sense. I miss my annual rural electric profit check. It wasn't much. But we had a board we as customers could vote in or out if we suspected malfeasance of fiduciary responsibilities by locally elected boards across our nation. Autonomy. We need that and utility.