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  • Jul 6th, 2014 @ 9:07pm

    Re: Re: arm waving frantic

    most people do not know that we have to prove our innocence allready , some years ago i had the cops search my car , then the quaters supplyed by my employer , my mother had sworn out a warrent stating i had stolen documents ( including my own birthcertificat . i was working in an enviroment where a persons reputation is everything ! obviously i had to go to my boss and tell him why the police went thru my things . when i told him ( his wife was there as well ) she asked for the date as to when i supposetly done that . she had a look at her diary , told me to phone the copstation , and tell them that on that day i was working 200 miles from the place i supposetly stolen , i called and after explaining that my boss can give me an aliby ! prove my innocence !!! officer asked , so you claim that you were working ect . my answer was i do not know where i was on a given day over a month ago , but my boss and his wife do , lets face it how many people remember in order to prove that they are not guilty what they did on a given day , i was just lucky to have worked for great people