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  • Nov 28th, 2009 @ 11:52am


    I reside in LA & am considering moving to a city that is less in congestion, smog, fires, in-congeniality, but still has a base of musicians & venues for an up-and-coming prog/ballad artist.
    A production company advised me to stay in LA due to the eclectic atmosphere & a good place to gig. Even though I am not doing business w/ them at present, I am digging for data that gives me a 'green light' on relocating. I brought up Nashville & he replied that it would be good if I played country.
    If you have any referrals to production companies that can work w/ an artist who can write well, play all the instruments but needs marketing, more production & help in direction, please feel free to advise.
    I would be much obliged to have your feedback.
    Thank you.