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  • Jul 14th, 2012 @ 1:20am

    Re: Re: Bizarro y loco

    First, no the PRI has no majority, currently none of the parties has majority, a second senate´s from PRI also reject it.

    ACTA was supported only by some members of PAN, and by the IMPI. But currently PAN rejects it.

    As strange as it seems, the only issue where PRI, PAN and PRD seem to agree is that they reject ACTA.

    That is why is so weird that President Calderon ordered to sign it.

    Currently there is only way to aprove it.

    The mexican law of treaties from 1992, says that all international Treaties must be ratified by the congress. But treaties by institutions, do not need congress ratifications.

    So Calderon has to argue this is not an international treaty, but in that case, the congress has no obligations to create o modify laws in order to implement it, so it would be usseles.

    http://www.adnpolitico.com/2012/2012/07/12/senadores-del-pan-pri-y-prd-se- suman-contra-firma-de-acta

  • Jul 13th, 2012 @ 10:37pm

    Bizarro y loco

    Ya agree this is very birraze.

    No only the senate rejected acta, it was rejected almost unanimously, and by the three parties: PAN, PRD and PRI.

    Not even President Calderon Party Supported and the senate forbid Calderon to continue any negotiations.

    So this was signed against the senate by direct order from the president to the ambassador.

    Elections are over, and a new Senate has been elected, so the old one can not act against a outgoing president.

    But there is no chance the new senate approves the treaty, since it has already been rejected, and the new senators had already announced they will reject ACTA.

    So this is an empty gesture, maybe after ACTA was rejected by the EU, they needed someone to sign it and somehow (¿$$$?)put pressure on President Calderon...

    I have no other explanation.