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  • Nov 7th, 2009 @ 11:58pm

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    Well here's the thing I'm a current OD employee going 3 years strong. And I've seen this go down in my store numerous times and guess what it was all done by managers trying to inflate their numbers. Not the company its self and guess what ALL and yes I'll repeat that ALL of the managers doing so were fired. Its not the company that is shitty. Its the people that they allow to work there. It all comes back to them in the end. Personally Ive never turned down a sale because they wouldn't buy ad on items that's completely retarded. I never will. And as for the warranty being a rip off I have to disagree its a money back guarantee in the form of a merchandise card no hassle say a year down the road you drop your $800 laptop or you spill coffee on it anything along those lines you pretty much fucked up the creek out $800 if you didn't get the warranty. And to think were all crooks is idiotic. It all comes down to being moral and doing the right thing. And as we can see in all of society no matter it be retail or car sales or even politicians there is always going to be a few bad seeds out there.