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  • Aug 11th, 2010 @ 11:18pm

    Re: Re: Violent overthrow of the US government?

    We're no longer in a republic. In order to have any influence over the government at all you have to have money or be able to raise large sums of money. Plain and simple.

    Elections are all about who can throw the most dirt at their opponents. I'm an American citizen living in British Columbia. What I saw in the last Washington elections simply made me wonder where my America went.

    Well, I think that I've figured it out. The People have become fat and lazy. Instead of being innovators they've become dependent on jobs provided by big corporations which systematically erased most labor gains by defeating the labor unions.

    The People would rather save a buck by shopping at Wally-world than going to an ailing small business, and when you see the people who shop at Wal-Mart you'll see what I mean by fat and lazy.

    Rather than taking direct action, like setting up picket-lines or protests, they'd rather complain on the Internet which amounts to almost nothing.

    If you really want change, you have to take to the streets. Civil rights weren't won by complaining to politicians. They were won in the streets of Selma, Alabama and in campus sit-ins. Politicians are afraid of the People rising up against them.

    Freedom from corporate tyranny and the Plutocracy that the US Government has become must be started in the streets. You must become the change you wish to achieve.

  • Dec 1st, 2006 @ 11:28am


    One of the problems is that movie theaters dont make much money during the first several weeks of a movie release. ive read anywhere from 70-100% of a debut weekend movie ticket sales goes to the movie company and the remaining percent (if any) goes to the theater. CNN reports its 70-80% on opening weekend, dropping in increments each week thereafter.
    Maybe the theatre owners should bargain with Hollywood, say get rid of the incremental structure for day and date releases. If the theatre owners could realize a profit sooner, and improve their product, they'd be less concerned about the release to DVD right away. I don't go to the movie house any more. Uncomfortable seating, high popcorn and drink prices, and movie quality all have made watching the movie at home more alluring.

  • Nov 1st, 2006 @ 4:52pm

    Re: Greedy, indeed

    Personally, I don't want a spy in Congress, but I do want a congressman who will have spine enough to stand up against corporate interests and be mindful that it is people who they represent.

    Folks, the problem is money. In Seattle the stations are full of ads, all negative. Who's paying for those ads? Certainly the candidates, but also party sponsors. From the information that I've read the Republican party has more money than it can spend. Where do you think they got all that money? It's doubtful that ordinary citizens donated it.

    That's the problem, isn't it. Our representatives need money to run. There is a cap on how much an individual can donate, set at $2500 (I think). Lobbyists donate to the candidate's party which in turn buys time on the airwaves supporting the candidate.

    The US needs campaign reform very badly. I frankly don't care to know about a candidate's sex life and I certainly don't want hear about the opposition candidate. I do want to know what you, the candidate, will do while in Congress. If you're a shill for some corporation you're not getting my vote in the next election. If you undermine the confidence of the people in the state or district you represent, you better have damn good reason for doing so.

    The entertainment industry needs to wake up. The more that they try to control their content, the more that it is going to slip through their fingers.

    Here's a thought: Regain the trust of your customers. Make your content better. There are thousands of books that are just crying to be made into movies. There are independant artists that are dying to be heard, if they are just given some respect. Respect your audience and they'll reward you also. Concentrate on those points and piracy will be less of an issue.