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  • Apr 10th, 2014 @ 12:40pm


    I think when concerning "extorting the public" readers and influencers should really look towards big business desire to enforce minimum wage laws and the disease of inequality it creates. correct me if I am wrong: I believe it is 1% of the population own about 50% of the worlds wealth...

    It's true the public has been extorted and that translates into the music industry. It's humane behavior to do on to others what has been done on to you. and thus, the public feels that if it can extort the music industry for every penny its got via piracy, or a terrestrial radio payment rate that has not been effected by inflation since the 20's (research the Fair Market Radio Act Royalty).

    But mostly i think what everyone wants is a little more equality. more equality in income wages, more equality on how we treat terrestrial radio verse internet radio, and more equality in terms of who gets compensated for the work they put into their craft (research the Songwriter Equity Act)

    Remember who the one percent is in the equation pertaining to the article.... it's the tech industries lobbying millions of dollars... not the collective leaders of the music industry who have banned together with the meager thousands of dollars they fight to make a difference with.

  • Feb 14th, 2014 @ 3:34pm

    The Simplicity

    Lets be real here the United States is missing out on millions and millions of dollars by not passing this law. Just look at what Pandora pays out (even if what they are paying is highway robbery). As it stands now the only people getting paid for radio play are the songwriters and music publishers. Nedlers bill if not passed will only increase the incessant winning coming from the digital streaming services asking to be treated the same as terrestrial radio. Think about it this way China, Rawanda, Vietnam, Iran and the United States (country of dreams) are stifling musicians by not paying the recording artists, record producers or record company their fair share of what they worked hard to create.
    Put the money back into the musicians who created what the consumers enjoy so much and both industries will benefit greatly.