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  • Apr 29th, 2010 @ 6:02pm

    Re: Re: No different than other "platforms"

    @ Anonymous Coward: Good luck trying to tell Microsoft that their Xbox 360 should play PS3 games - just because you bought the 360 hardware. The hardware/os is a "platform" made by the specific company, they offer SUPPORT in terms of real support and development support (if they allow 3rd party development at all - remember the iPhone didn't support non-Apple native apps when it was introduced).

    If you were able to run your PS3 game in your 360 (when it's clearly not supported), and it crashed all the time, I'm sure you would call MS, then complain when they wouldn't support/help you. So MS doesn't support PS3 games, just like Apple doesn't support Flash in apps submitted for Apple's platform.

    If you really want to do what ever you want with your hardware, go ahead and hack/mod it to your hearts content (jailbreak). Because you are stating that you don't want support from Apple because you don't like what they offer. If that is the case, you shouldn't purchase X "i" device. Let me get on the phone with MS to see about that PS3 game support.

    @ Anonymous Coward: Google clearly doesn't make hardware for their Android OS to run on. They are very much like MS and Windows. In this case Google allows Android to be more open than Windows for computers. Companies can take the Android OS and tweak it to work with their hardware, etc. Apple does not allow this; it's their OS for their hardware. If they did allow the OS on other hardware (and allowed the hardware companies to modify it) that would be different.

  • Apr 29th, 2010 @ 5:34pm

    No different than other "platforms"

    This is no different than other "platforms". For example: if you want to make your video game for the Xbox 360, you utilize the developer tools provided by Microsoft, the same for PS3 and Sony, and the Wii and DS with Nintendo.

    You can't expect Microsoft to support development of PS3 games using it's developer tools.

    Now, I do understand that "programing" can be done for multiple "platforms" in the sense of "operating systems"... and that's the card Adobe is trying to play. However Apple just doesn't allow that card in their deck. Get over it. If you want to play in Apple's game, you have to play by their rules. Just like playing with MS's 360, Sony's PS3, and Nintendo's Wii, DS, etc. Apple states that their deck contains open standards: HTML5, CSS, etc. They are laying out the playing field for developers to know what tools/standards they can expect to be supported on their platform. That doesn't include Flash.

    The iPhone, touch, and iPad are specific "platforms" with specific guidelines. Apple is making sure there isn't another layer of complexity from a 3rd party developer tool intergraded into apps to run on their "platform".

    If this was Google saying that their OPEN Android platform can't run Flash, I could understand people complaining. But this is a platform that Apple controls and provides the tools to utilize it. They say no Flash, so there is no Flash.

    P.S. I love reading TechDirt, just registered and this is my first comment.