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  • Dec 6th, 2012 @ 9:17pm

    FOUO and Public Release

    Here's something that you may not realize: everything created by the government (or government contractors, in some cases) is FOUO, unless there is a reason to classify the material. What does this mean? Not much really, just that it has to go through the proper channels (e.g. scrubbing for personal data, ITAR, etc.) before it is released to the public.

    Seriously, you have to send everything through a public relations review before you can send anything out for general public consumption. I've had to do so several times for technical presentations created while working at JPL.

  • Nov 14th, 2012 @ 6:32pm

    Right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing

    I find this interesting... This contravenes the best practices for staying safe while traveling.

    One of the primary things to do is not make yourself a target. Ideally, this means keeping personal information to a minimum. A hotel does not need to know where I work or what I do when I am staying there. They may need to know where I live, for billing and what not. The more information that is divulged means the more information available to exploit, possibly making you a target.

    Another thing that is a best practice is to request a particular room. The ideal room, for security reasons, would be one that is on a middle floor. A few floors up means that access and observation of the room is more difficult while still being within easy reach of rescue crews in the event of a fire.

    I've personally had to extend my stay at a hotel several times. I was traveling on business, and things came up that required my input outside the dates I originally planned to stay.

    I also prefer to go down to the hotel desk should I need anything hotel related. For me, I prefer the personal contact of a face-to-face conversation over a telephone call.

    One final thing: Business travelers may not book their own hotels. Depending on company policy, people traveling on business may have to book through a preferred travel agency.

    On the whole, this list is asinine. It completely disregards common sense and best practices in order to increase the amount of information available for collection and exploitation by whomever is interested.