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  • Sep 4th, 2009 @ 11:33pm


    Young, indie artists (and those not young) should concentrate on getting their music out there first and foremost. Once they've established a fan base/permission marketing in terms of people wanting their music - then turn to sales.

    We also try to give Bay Area indie artists tips and tools like this via our BuzzOfTheBay blog - we've talked about getting publishing together, using the many online tools to promote, etc.

  • Jul 31st, 2009 @ 1:43am

    I always refer to links

    "Ultimately, we need better reporting, not worse. We need more facts, not more opinions. We need more data, not more anecdotes. We need more fact-checking and less speculation."

    You said it better than I could Dr. Strange.

    In my writing (which is mostly music and audio oriented; album reviews, show reports, industry news, etc) integrity is very important. It is after all my chosen form of artistic expression (aside of some music production. So it pains me when I see people plagiarize a press release instead of putting their own thought into an article (especially ripping off PR people's words in music reviews).

    I also work for a couple of music sites that do act like aggregators; the main page is full of summaries - but there is ALWAYS a link to the original article, from the original source. We never take credit for writing the pieces, we just seek them out, especially if somebody else caught it before our staff. WE NEVER CLAIM TO BE THE WRITER IF WE FOUND THE STORY ELSEWHERE

    People that do, well, you're right: They don't make much and they won't last.