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  • Jul 12th, 2010 @ 1:17pm

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    sorry folks,
    but to really understand the rEVOLUTION thats is going on in Brazil, what means to be a Brazilian, and what a Brazilian wants. First, forget everything you know about IP, copyrights, the 200+ years old US constitution and US culture. (duh)

    second, u have to know what malandragem means (just wikipedia it! its a great intro). Now, after understanding what malandragem means, I hope you people can understand samba, why brazil is a great football team (sorry, i mean soccer) and how we were the first to "steal" HIV IP, give those pharmaceuticals for FREE for EVERY HIV+ and still get away with it on the grounds of humanitarian necessities. And now, the brazilian HIV prevention program is a model to the world, with india and a handfull of african country "stealling" those HIV IP in the same grounds Brazil did.

    I can guarantee to all techdirt readers, we brazilian are more afraid of Hugo Chavez then we ever were of Bush Jr or any other world leader, and we still are. The last thing we want is another dictatorship of any kind in south america. Nevertheless, we have great business deals with China (oh, like US does!!)

    This reform was long overdue. For a couple of years, we are switching our government OS system away from MS into linux (and keeping all IP developed in the process within brazil, not redwood). If needed, more international IPs will be violated and this law will provide a proper base for this rEVOLUTION to happen more smoothly.

    My last words, most Brazilian are totally clueless about IP, copyrights and all this mess. Also promesses of free stuff makes a great political slogan! just google bolsa familia and you can see why Lula (our president) still have 70% approval rate after 7 years! I also guarantee some republican will have terrible nightmares for weeks about it :)