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  • Jul 28th, 2019 @ 10:45am

    Lazy writing

    The riter of this article was almost as lazy as the students within the story contained therein. If they has done any research at all they would have found that the major problem was this Test Bank was hacked from it's publisher. Read this statement made by their representative:

    The publisher whose test bank was accessed before a mid-term exam by at least 200 students in a senior-level business class at the University of Central Florida said that students would have had to circumvent security in order to get to it, a spokeswoman for the company told Inside Higher Ed Thursday.

    The company, Pearson Higher Education, offers test banks to instructors only, said spokeswoman Wendy Spiegel. It is never made available to students, either for sale or for free, she said. "We do everything we can to protect the integrity of this material," she said via e-mail, and supplied a copy of the alert that accompanies the program.

    The security of the test bank emerged as a significant point of contention in the headline-grabbing story of Prof. Richard Quinn, who made all 600 students in his business management course re-take their midterm exams after he discovered one-third of them had gotten access to the test bank beforehand, and had aced it at levels never seen before. Students tried to turn the tables on Quinn, accusing him of dishonesty and laziness because he told them he was responsible for writing the test. They said they were no more guilty than a student who bought a print study guide and took a sample test in the back.

    Spiegel said that Pearson representatives verify faculty members' identities before they are granted access to the test bank. Approved faculty members are asked to select a user ID and password.

    While Siegel said that Pearson does have some programs that offer practice tests to students, the one Quinn used, Strategic Management, was not among them. "These practice booklets are sold to students and DO NOT contain any questions that are part of our instructor test banks," she wrote.