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  • Sep 28th, 2012 @ 8:44am

    Thats just part of it...

    High prices for crappy internet services is just a small part of the problem in America. In America, its high prices for crappy EVERYTHING. Run-down houses, electronic devices, furniture, software, hardware, fines, fees, cars, utilities - we are being shafted from every side. If you look at the price of almost anything in America, compared to the same item in most other countries you will find out how bad the problem is. It doesn't matter if you live right next door to the factory - you pay more in America, and you get less.

    What really makes it worse is that there are all kinds of fairly recent schemes to make sure that you don't have money left over in the first place. Blue collar workers wages have went down from upper middle to almost welfare levels. You can't get a simple job that used to require a high school education or some training - without an un-affordable BA degree (education being out of reach for most Americans too). Every time a job sector opens up that gives decent pay, here comes the Universities to capitalize and push out otherwise capable prospective employees. So how will people make the money to pay for all of these overpriced products / services??? If everyone is broke and has no disposable income - why are prices rising and inflating? Its almost feeling like some kind of scheme to break America down...

  • Sep 21st, 2012 @ 8:34am

    So how much is it really worth???

    This case raises a question - if they can sell it at lower prices in different markets - how much is it really worth? They purport that their bottom line is protecting their ability to make a profit - so they MUST be making a profit in foreign markets where they are selling items at a fraction of the cost they are selling the exact same products to Americans; so if they can make a profit on 2.00, how are they justifying the 20.00 we have to pay - on a DOMESTIC PRODUCT, no less???

    It sounds more like they want the right to continue to rip off every American. They also seem to want the right to make a profit from non-retail sales, it may not come up in this case, but that's the next logical move. They are encroaching on our right to liberty, freedom and preservation of the American way - I hope the Supreme Court looks deeply into this, as it is affecting more than just copyright.Its heading into Marxism territory...