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  • Dec 9th, 2010 @ 2:16pm

    Welcome to the kettle.

    For many years I protested in public in the UK, they told me I had the right to protest and yet every time I stood up to ask for my voice to be heard, it was not only ignored I had to sit in detention. I had my photo taken, I was marginalised and my protest was ignored by the media. A little kettle to blow off steam, barely reported the next day. Hey were invading Iraq! A million poeple on the street. I know exactly what those guys are going through and I never had it that cold. And I was there before even that. I was there on the poll tax and fox bills.

    A lot of us got tired sitting in a corden of police, having our bimometrics taken and some of us started looking for another method to make our feelings heard. We tried really hard to be polite but we got really bored with the press not paying attention. We learned that leasson the hard way.

    You have to either make a story or be the story and still they get to frame to story.

    But I dont have to be quiet and niether do you.