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  • Nov 7th, 2013 @ 3:43pm

    The Copyright Infringement Claim is Legitimate

    The DMCA takedown notice appears to be made in good faith. Most attorneys would presume that the logo you see was lifted from the OfficeMax website or another property. It appears that the swastika was drawn on top of the logo, which doesn't change the nature of the fact that the use of an OfficeMax image is still infringement. That's how you get to the DMCA.

    The extra items added in was a way of informing the company about the violations of its terms of use to make it easier for Reddit to take down the offending image. While I am completely into the rights of free speech, I can understand why OfficeMax isn't happy and felt a need to do something about it. I'm apprehensive to say this, wondering how many will get angry at what I'm saying. How many of you would want to have images of your own small company's brand with a swastika on it being seen anywhere? People might get the wrong idea. I'm sure many would even write to Office Depot complaining about the company adding a swastika on their logo, lol. Seen it before - it's all in the realm of possibility! Don't think this is a big deal...