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"Civilization's progress has always been initiated by individuals balancing demands within their intimate groups against their personal needs for independence and identity. Social engineers and central planners always err at this point. What they endeavor is to convert humankind from small, intimate, flexible tribes into a collective with one mind (their mind of course).

They want to make all the complex human herds and packs composed of individuals into a single hive of drones. They have always failed, they will always fail; for outstanding individuals will continue to emerge - imagining and accomplishing exceptional goals - changing everything." - Allan Wallace

Allan is Rector Emeritus of Bastiat Free University, Steward Emeritus of Junior Partner Ministries, and has served as director of development for The Netcohort Institute. He's retired and now does research and writing in support of human rights.

"Start breaking rules and making mistakes now so your solutions arrive in time. Most nations deserve to fail and will. It's up to you to craft support for a superior replacement. Get to work." - Allan R. Wallace

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