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  • Aug 20th, 2009 @ 1:42pm

    I didn't go for this either...

    I just bought a new car back in March, that came with a free 3 month trial of XM/Sirius. About a month before the trial ran out, they started calling my cellphone at all hours of the day and night, trying to get me to subscribe. The telemarketing campaign was SO annoying, I vowed not to subscribe based simply on that! (I have a home phone number, so why they kept calling my CELL instead, I don't know?)

    When I let the trial expire, they started mailing me postcards offering special pricing for "coming back", and waiving the $14.95 "re-activation fee". (That's kind of insulting in itself. I have to PAY to re-activate, on service I never, ever paid for in the first place?!)

    Well, *finally*, their latest "please come back" type offer was good enough, I actually considered it. Basically, an entire year for about $78, and they were even willing to bill me, vs. keeping a credit card on file. For under $80, I was ready to go for it (despite the sound quality being pretty bad for their music stations). But THEN when I was in the process of ordering, they mentioned the extra $12 or so for these new "royalties" and said there was absolutely no way to waive that charge. (Since it says NOTHING about that on the card they mailed me, and their quoted price says it's good through August 28th. -- I fail to see how they can legally refuse to honor that?!) So again, I told them to forget it.