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  • Jul 18th, 2012 @ 7:06am

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    Wondering if you are still there...I plan on doing the same as you.

    Question I have though:
    1) When applying for your PO Box they require your real name and address. But I believe they can't release that information to anyone else, correct?

    2) Did you reference your IP address on the money order? What did you put on the money order for "purchaser, signer for drawer" and I assume you put your POBox for the address on the money order correct?

    3) Did you mail it or drop it off at their office? What address did you mail it to or drop it off at?

    4) What did you use the email addy for? I don't see anything that they would use that for

    5) In the return address to your PO Box did you just list the POBox and no name? or did you list your IP address as the "name"

    6) Have you heard anything back from the since? from your ISP or via email / mail?