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  • Sep 19, 2012 @ 11:29am

    Fashion Consulting on Computers

    While many have pointed out that the fashion industry and computer industry are not the same, there is a more useful exercise that I think could come from this comparison. Have someone who is heavily into writing and understanding the fashion industry turn their lens on the computer industry, and vice-versa. Sometimes the lack of knowledge about an industry can lead to insights that those inside the circle would never see. This does not mean have someone who isn't knowledgeable at all take a look, but rather someone who is highly knowledgeable about something that is seemingly unrelated.

    Critical thinking is not industry specific, but sometimes being an expert within one industry leads to the cognitive trap where being an expert conditions you to miss things an outsider would see quickly. This is not a knock on experts, every person falls into this trap at some point in their life. Thats where other people are key, the best fashion person and the best computer person may not think they have something to offer the other, but get them in a room and the results could be pretty interesting.