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  • Mar 15th, 2012 @ 1:25pm

    An epic takedown

    Wow, just wow. I've been lurking Techdirt via the invaluable daily emails from Mike, et al, but this post has finally caused me to come out of the woodwork and comment.

    I have been a print subscriber to Harper's Magazine for a few years now and find the journalism there second-to-none among the vast amount that is available in this day and age. That being said, I have always been stymied by the fact that their magazine content has been off limits on their website to non-subscribers; I would love to be able to share the brilliant work to others on the internet who may not be aware. This all makes much more sense now after witnessing this tone-deaf speech by the publisher. Disclosure: I did not read the transcript of the speech in question (perhaps MacArthur wishes I pay him for the privilege?), given that Mike's take down of said speech seems to be a much greater contribution to this discussion.

    I'm not going to cancel my subscription or anything; Harper's provides too much food for thought for me to do that. But this whole thing explains so much about the way the magazine has approached the internet, and how the "older generation" of media barons sees this technology with such horror. Truly an example of the "doesn't know how to work the internet" crowd if I've ever seen it. Mike, thanks for your brilliant work, as always, and keep up the great work.