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  • Nov 16th, 2009 @ 9:18am

    Push your Congressman to call for enforcement of Federal Law

    Embarrass your Congressman in their District to push them to Demand Enforcement of Federal Law. Organize local Pro-Prosecution Protests in front of their District Offices and At every public event Ask Them Loudly "Why they support Torture". Embarrass them!! If they haven't recently called for enforcement of our Torture Laws against the Bush-Cheney Conspiracy To Change Federal Torture Laws, THEY Are Supporting Torture! The same thing applies to them calling for prosecution of the Carriers that violated our Federal laws. And SIGN the PETITION calling for Prosecution The battle for Enforcement of our Federal Laws will be won in the Districts of our Congressmen and Senators. If YOU have the courage to step out into the streets and call them out at public events, WE can have Justice!