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  • Mar 22nd, 2011 @ 9:55am

    Re: Marketing

    After all, famous people or people with recognizable names don't need marketing plans. They didn't get famous by marketing themselves. That's what the little people are for.

    A lot of good writers are not getting the kind of attention or publishing contracts they deserve unless they have done the hard work first, like for instance Amanda Hocking, who just signed a $1M+ publishing contract for three books or M.J. Rose who had to self-publish "Lip Service" and sell like hotcakes before a publisher would even talk to her. It's all about risk and the publishers aren't willing to take the risk for nobodies. That's why so many established and midlist writers are beginning to publish their own work in e-book and POD so they get to keep more of their own earnings and have some control. Publishers are being controlled by salesman and shelf space in bookstores, bookstores that are rapidly going under because they refuse to see the writing on the wall.