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  • Jul 8th, 2013 @ 9:09am

    Does privacy exist?

    While I haven't read the article by Rich, I think the statements attributed to him and the resulting comments highlight how complex this notion of privacy is. In an increasingly technology driven world, it's not enough for us to say "I don't want to share that" and assume that our requests are respected. The complexity arises when we try to figure out what to do about that. Moreover, I think some of the frustration comes when we're not even asked if we want to share certain information before it's shared. In terms of government surveillance, we want to have confidence that the surveillance is being done for the right reasons, in a responsible and limited manner,and that the information obtained won't be used to harm us or negatively impact our lives. It's also more of an impetus to ensure that our laws keep pace with the changing technology and that we fight to ensure the Constitution and its privacy protections are respected.