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A thirtyish Brit interested in technology & t'interwebs!! Working for HP, as a Technical Consultant

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  • Mar 14th, 2010 @ 8:22am

    Perhaps there is a middle ground?

    Like many who choose to comment on any article online, we probably all use an RSS reader to read our articles.. Also, we probably all have some websites we will still visit everyday.

    Perhaps there is some middle ground?

    If a website insists on Partial Feeds, rather than just a couple of sentences, why not force an author to create a 500 character summarization of the entire article? In fact, you could summize it twice:

    #1 Less than 140 characters inc short URL for Twitter retweets
    #2 Less than 500 characters, including the Twitter retweet and the 'More' link.

    If an author managed to summize there article into 500 characters, then I could scan that within my partial feed and decide "Is this worth me clicking through?" ... oh and if I do click through do NOT force me to watch some shit advert on the way in.