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  • Dec 30th, 2009 @ 8:04am

    Only offer 20+ year old content.

    With digital content, is there a _legitimate_ reason for the labels to put anything out of print?

    Take the entire music back list. Everything that has ever been in their catalogue. Eliminate everything that has been released within the last twenty or thirty years.

    * Lease office space. 75 - 100 square feet per employee;
    * Buy a US$300 desktop and $200 USB turntable for each employee;
    * Have them play the music on the turntable, using _Audacity_, or similar program, writing the appropriate meta data for each song,whilst it is being played;
    * When the album is finished, upload it to Free4All.
    * Once any song, or album hits a specific number of downloads, transform it into a ring tone with non-gratis distribution;
    * Once any song, or album hits a specific number of downloads per month, pull that album/song in for "digital remastering";
    * Once it has been digitally remastered, pull the Free4All copy, and add the digitally remastered version to iTunes, CD, and other outlets where consumers pay for the content;

    It might not generate revenue this quarter, but in couple of years time, it will be a profit centre.
    * People will pay for ring tones;
    * People will pay for quality music;