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  • Jan 10th, 2012 @ 4:00pm

    (untitled comment)

    Sounds like they want to recommend the U.S adopt Capitalism.

    That would be an excellent thing to do for the the economy, But(and this is huge) it would get in the way of the MASSIVE Corporations that give "Career Politicians" Untold BILLIONS of dollars every year.(discussions on "Career Politicians" will have to wait for an appropriate topic)
    But Mr. Bean(joke intended) how would Capitalism effect the Massive Corporations?...

    Capitalism def2 wiktionary # (economics, uncountable) a socio-economic system based on the abstraction of resources into the form of privately-owned capital, with economic decisions made largely through the operation of an unregulated market.

    Note the last little bit....Operation of An Unregulated Market.... what does that mean?

    Stay with me now......Nothing like Patents....what is a patent?....a monopoly on an idea.....why can't Capitalism work with patents?..... because in order to innovate in such a way that different companies have different but similar products differing only slightly(like one is red and round but the other is rectangular and blue) they would use similar ideas or even the same ideas to get to different ends.

    what proof do you have that patents stifle capitalism/competition/innovation?.....The "mobile device patent war" is one example that is only a google away.