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  • Feb 4th, 2013 @ 3:55pm

    Not unusual

    I work in the legal department for a self-publishing website, and this shit is more common than you would think. There's a subset of people out there that aren't stupid, but completely deluded by legal pop culture. They are usually "self-educated". They LOVE dares disguised as disclaimers and proclamations larded with "constitution-y" words like "forthwith" and "hereby." They constantly threaten legal action, for reasons that morph with every keystroke. Many are revealed to be a defendant other matters, often involving harassment. They will often try to act like their version of a prosecutor on "Law & Order," and make demands that are actually thinly veiled threats.

    It's a really weird symptom of our time. It's unquestionably predatory. Thankfully they're getting easier to spot.