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  • Feb 3rd, 2010 @ 3:04am

    (untitled comment)

    Misinformation is being spread by Engadget staff regarding the root cause of disabling comments.

    While I choose to use a Mac, I’m comfortable using my XP work laptop as well, and like to get a “balanced diet” of gadget news.

    Engadget has historically provided both, which I naturally enjoyed. But recently Engadget was posting nothing but dozens of hollow adoring iPad articles for weeks, at the sacrifice of other content, and the few non-iPad articles were littered with pointless references to the iPad or iPhone in some way, with flame bait such as citing (actually quite unjustified) why Windows 7 is a poor operating system for tablets and slates. This caused the “regulars” (even myself) to voice annoyance over the trend.

    “Enough already” was the sound of the chorus.

    Their “solution” was to insult the readership and create an “iPad” free version of the website, only to kick up the ridiculous iPad over-coverage and adulation, which of course only invoked more poor commentary.

    If you could actually see which comments were up and down ranked, the up-ranked comments were quite understandable in their complaints and not “trolls”.