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  • Jan 22nd, 2012 @ 2:14pm

    Re: Everyone that doesn't support SOPA is a traitor

    why should we stifle 'all' new works of art for sake of the greedy few, u obviously have no idea how the internet workz, so get bak urself back under what ever rock u live under until u do understand what's really happenin.
    u'd have have them all in guantanamo no doubt but that will not stop it, this new way of 'sharin' is only gonna get bigger no matter attempts to thwart them is tried, they will always find a away around it
    and as for 'honest businesses', pllleeeaze give uz all a break, n' take ur blinkers off, u don't see the film studio'z or the recording label'z showin much of a dent in their annual profits, especially with companies like amazon around, they are always going to make massive profits. most of their profits don't even come from cd'z or dvd'z, so it'z time u and them stopped bitching about what amountz to, (in the grand scheme of things), a drop in the ocean, which is more than compensated by other avenuez of revenue.