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  • Oct 5th, 2011 @ 1:06pm

    jaxed C & D demand

    Hey Folks its interesting because based on previous won law suit cases, Craigslist lost all right to any claim against site mash jaxed due to a thing called usury

    usury comes into play when a entity uses another persons property even if it can be proven and documented that it wasn't theirs in the first place!

    For example you own a piece of property like your house and yard and a rich neighbor moves in next door to you..

    Your neighbor then decides while you are away on vacation to add a retaing wall to not only his property but extends the wall out to around 12 feet onto your property interfeering with your use and acess of your property etc.

    you go to rip it out when you get home and rich neighbor threatens suit...

    Confused by this and how can he sue you? You contact an attorney for help...

    Attorney says leave the wrongful wall in place avoid conflict with neighbor and let court/judge decide it in court...

    the suit drags out for about 5 years...

    at end of suit judge asks if the 12 feet of wrongfully place wall is still there both sides agree in answer yes its still there

    plaintif points to attorney and says following attornes advice is why wall remains

    guess what final shocking decision of judge is in this case?

    Judge said because of the length of time that the neighbor had this wall in place he gained right to that part of his neighbors property by a thing called usury because the malfeasance had lasted and or existed too long

    He further said plaintiff should have ripped out the wall immediately suffered arrest if neighbor got the Police or Sheriff involved etc.

    This is a real case that actually happened in Mc Call Idaho back in the late 1970's early 1980's and my parents were part of the plaintiffs a local home owners association with a beach all the membership could use the neighbor moved in next to the property was a Doctor with money to burn!

    Hence based on this case jaxed actually could defend and win this case against Craigs list if push came to shove