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  • Feb 26th, 2014 @ 1:57pm

    Anyone remember Steven Tyler in the Sgt. Pepper movie?

    It's a little ironic to be lectured on the importance of artists having control over their works throughout the period of copyright by someone whose band covered a Beatles song in the oft-reviled movie Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band.
    Mr Tyler can complain all he wants about how horrible it would be for his Dream On to be sung over a scene that "denigrates women" (page 7 of his letter) but he performed The Beatles' "Come Together" without John Lennon's consent, next to a woman tied to a dollar sign; later in the sequence she falls to her death. Disingenuous, Mr. Tyler. Almost hypocritical.
    More thoughts - lawyerly ones - at fyeahcopyright.tumblr.com