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  • Sep 24th, 2009 @ 5:19am

    Copyright !?!

    Copyright doesn't concern fake or imitation of Rolex.
    To be illegal, those what you call fake Rolex must be similar to the real Rolex. And they are not! They look like a Rolex like Citizen does too.
    What parts in those Rolex immitations have in common with a 'real Rolex' .NONE! The movement is different, the maeking is different, the Rolex logo is different, the arms are different, The gold plated parts are different etc...So, what copyright problem do we have here? Those watches have nothing in common with the real Rolex. Do we have to sue a Toyota because they use the same body than a Honda? Today, a lot of cars have the same look. So, is it copyright problem?? I do not think so. We can see that in the Jean's business and in the entire fashion business. You can copy a Levi's jeans. You just have to add a detail or not to put the brand at the same pocket ! So, in this case, Ido not see copyright problem. But if you record a DVD , it's another story(In the US anyway) because your copy will be exactely the same that the original is and...Anyway, the picture printed on it, you will not be able to do the same think. So, ....! If cannot copy, why they sell recorders for 60 years and VCR and DVD burners etc...This law is not realistic about Rolex