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  • Twitter's Lawsuits Against Spam Tool Providers Could Easily Backfire

    Drew ( profile ), 07 Apr, 2012 @ 01:51am

    "Craigslist arguing that service providers could and should be liable for actions of their users."

    Lets charge Smith & Wesson for every single murder with one of their firearms.

    Lets charge Budweiser for all crimes committed while under the influence of their alcoholic beverages.

    Lets charge Adobe for every single forged document made with their software.

    Lets charge one of the many owners of phone lines with every case of harassment committed over their lines.

    The owner of Craigslist is a retard and should be castrated then sentenced to death by paper cuts.

    You can't just go around blaming the makers of tools/products for misuse of them.

    If something can be abused chances are it will be. Some of the ways it will be abused can be foreseen and some cannot. It's nobody's fault but the person that's doing the abuse.

    This does not mean we censor,spy, or even discontinue the products. If that were the case we would be kicked back into the stone age technology wise and into a communistic era with zero privacy.

    We catch them when we can and we punish them. We do not punish everyone just in the hopes we might catch a few extra. We see more and more laws pass that chips away at our rights as free people entitled to our privacy. Unless we standup to fight this scum we will be forced into slavery to the system. Once that happens it will be too late to stand up.

    Fight before it happens and while it happens. Don't sit around with a thumb up your ass till it's too late.

  • Arizona Politicians Scramble To Adjust Internet Censorship Bill After The Internet Mocks Them For Being Clueless

    Drew ( profile ), 06 Apr, 2012 @ 09:30pm

    If they keep this it will be sad for Arizona. Give it 10 years and it will be illegal to simply say how about this weather.

  • Megaupload Points Out That The Feds Want To Destroy Relevant Evidence In Its Case

    Drew ( profile ), 06 Apr, 2012 @ 09:26pm

    Wow this is pretty messed up since it's pretty much illegal to destroy evidence before trial. There are a lot of cases where they wanted something destroyed because they were "done with it" and the courts told them hell no.

    If they get away with this it could set a new precedence where they would be allowed to pick apart all the evidence for incriminating materials then destroy the rest.

    Not very good at all for anyone this is something every single person in the USA should fight against because it could very well affect them at some point in the future.

    A good example "worst case"
    You're on trial for murder on a case that's been cold for a long time. Through all the evidence searched they have DNA of 2 persons but they only know who one persons DNA is and that's yours. Since there is no laws on destroying evidence when they finish with it anymore they just toss the 2nd DNA without anyone knowing ever.

    You get the chair even though you're innocent. You're murdered with the whole world thinking you're some sick rapist murdering pedophile.
    You suffer 20 years of abuse in prison since they all think just that before you are put to death or killed by a gang first.

    Is the type of "law" we really fucking want? Both sides are meant supposed to be able to search all the evidence as they see fit. How can you gather your defense with no access to evidence? The answer is you cannot!

    This might be a worse case but who's to say it can't happen if allowed to keep going in the direction their pushing for.

  • Size Matters: Why The TSA Fears Thirteen-Inch Laptops, But Not Eleven-Inch Ones

    Drew ( profile ), 06 Apr, 2012 @ 09:00pm

    I guess the thought of Mandingo sized anything will scare any woman.

  • How Drunk Would You Need To Be To Confuse Jack Daniel's With Cayman Jack?

    Drew ( profile ), 06 Apr, 2012 @ 08:57pm

    Re: Really?

    HAH GG! What about Jack Mehoff?

  • Another Boost For Generics: Brazilian Judge Annuls Patent On Key AIDS Drug

    Drew ( profile ), 23 Mar, 2012 @ 01:43am

    Any person that will let others die so they can get richer is nothing but pure scum. I mean a waste of life they should just go us all a favor and put themselves out of our misery.

    This is the problem we all have to deal with and it sucks..
    The corporations patent shit just to say were the only one that can help people! Who cares if a generic is cheaper especially when it's a drug that can actually decide how many more years you're going to live.

    I hope these scumbags get dealt with soon it's technically genocide. They deserve death and nothing less for the countless lives they took. If there was a generic around at a fraction of the cost I'm sure there would be a lot of families that would not have been torn apart just because they're poor.