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  • Mar 24th, 2011 @ 11:01am

    Re: I agree...and also

    I'm in the same age group as you, and my rule of thumb is: I take the call if it's convenient for me. If it's important, they'll call back or leave a voicemail. No voicemail means it wasn't important or was a misdial, and I can treat the call as if it never happened.

    Typically, the voicemail I get are things like "I have a quick question for you, please call me back." If it's so quick, they could have left it on the message. Now I have to call them only to get their voicemail, the greeting ironically asking me to leave a detailed message. Several rounds of inefficient phone tag ensue. How 1980s.

    Seriously, email is far better for most non-critical communication.