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  • Feb 17th, 2011 @ 9:02pm


    Anonymous Coward, You sound like you are more hip to the lingo of Board Rooms and the likes of Aaron Barr than you are an anarcho-syndicalist hacker group. Your (worthless) knowledge does not apply here. Like Aaron Barr you don't "get it". You can't even seem to fathom what Anonymous is let alone mangle it into terms that someone like yourself could understand. Like Hezbollah or Al-Queda they cannot be defeated because beyond an organization they are more like a belief system. Why not go on IRC and drop your precious expertise there? I am sure they would value your opinions and engage you in civil debate...

  • Feb 17th, 2011 @ 8:47pm

    Re: Balls

    you wrote:
    "I think this is where you are making a mistake. While there are groups of people interested in transparency, most of them are keyboard warrior types. Few of them would have the guts / balls / lack of brains to put themselves out there to lead something like Wikileaks"

    Well let me tell you that I am a professionally employed network technician. I hold a CCNA, and a diploma and I am a VOCAL supporter of Wikileaks and Anonymous! It is scum like Aaron Barr that counts on wusses like yourself to stay employed. I will not stay silent as my human rights and freedom of speech is torn away! It is morons like yourself that lack the brains, that see safety in Mubarak's approaching horsemen until they realize the crowd is against them. Power is transient and faster-shifting than ever. I do not think it is impossible that we could see the leaders of the Bush regime stand trial for war crimes in my lifetime.

    Because you lack the balls to change the world do not assume that your colleagues do as well! Pathetic turd.