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  • Jan 12th, 2016 @ 9:37am


    I send a newsletter to accountants and recently I have received a comment about linking to articles in Forbes because they do not want to turn off their ad blocker software. So a little searching and I found this article. I have a some comments and questions.
    1) If someone has good anti virus (anti malware) software won't this protect them from bad ads?
    2) I go to Forbes almost every day and have never had a problem. Although sometimes the articles are slow to load and I suspect this is from ads.
    3) In my industry the articles they have are consistently very popular and well written.
    4) I don't consider them holding content for hostage. they put content there for free (unlike Wall Street Journal and a few others that require subscriptions) and expect to earn money ( and pay for the content) through ad revenue.
    5) By the same token there is nothing wrong with someone making the decision they would rather not go there than be subjected to ads and possible problems from them.
    6) They had a pretty good article on the dispute that is not overly biased. "Inside Forbes: From 'Original Sin' To Ad Blockers -- And What The Future Holds"