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  • Nov 30th, 2009 @ 7:36pm

    ebay in France

    If the situation was taking place on ebay.com then they wouldn't have much authority. They could ban ebay.com from the French market but not much else. It is ebay.fr that is in question. (my thoughts)

    France is jealous of anything American and of prominence. So the story is not surprising.

    I used the 'gray market' for several years in the computer industry. It simply is a result of price breaks given by a manufacture to companies that buy in bulk. To shut this market down would damage or end this pricing practice which is not democratic. Can you imagine Airbus not being able to give price breaks to British Airways to help entice larger orders?

    "Here, they are trying to do the same to stop eBay selling cheap stuff." ... ebay sells nothing. You even cut-n-pasted that as explained in the article. ?? Users of their site do the selling. The "related case" is not relevant.

    The case will be overturned and I think ebay should make a stink and shut down ebay.fr and see if the French government feels a backlash? Show them that they can play games too.