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  • Nov 28th, 2010 @ 2:46pm

    Re: senators closing down websites?

    Wake up America! How many judges have you heard say "...can't use the constitution in my courtroom"? Why? The U.S. Gov't Corp has nullified YOUR once great Constitution and operate under their own policy - all done legally within a frame-work set up by corrupt lawyers and judges. Get the message people - your Gov't has no obligation to function within the Constitution - and it is ALL legal!!! Do your homework, it's all on the net. Soon you will see their true intent! And how do you stop this 'One World Order' path of theirs? Probably a highly organised revolution as time is running very short. Many Americans will likely die, but to do nothing will also result in large loss of life AND also total loss of freedom! The best outcome is to lynch your lawyers, bankers and politicians (innocent will need to die - collateral damage). America, the PTB have been conspiring for decades while YOU paved THEIR way in your labour.