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  • Sep 22nd, 2010 @ 9:05am

    Re: Well, duh

    "pretty crappy for entrepreneurs" Compared to what? some ideal world where funding rains down like manna each morning? I think that YC has really been a game changer. They have established (and published) standard terms that are generally pretty favorable toward founders, though not infinitely so.

    They may only have been the first of an inevitable trend but they are the FIRST and, if you count Paul Graham's work as YC's work, then you have to give them credit for actually moving the ball down the field. Not only is Paul putting his money where his mouth is, he is driving the discussion on blogs all over the web. He publishes an essay and within short order a lot of influential blogs are talking about the exact same topic (this blog and TechCrunch included). I am not faulting the blogs, but I am pointing out how critical YC has been.

    These angels are in effect admitting that YC has had outsized impact (if Arrington is to be believed).

    Joe J.

  • Feb 25th, 2010 @ 5:05pm

    How efficient is the Natural Gas Grid???

    All good points. One thing that I often see in clean tech hype is counting the gains but not counting the losses. This is a net-net world we live in.

    As to Natural Gas, the recent finds have made natural gas a very very attractive fuel for the US -- lots of it and relatively clean when compared to coal and oil.

    But to my point, what is the efficiency of the Natural Gas Grid? It is clearly not 100% (it takes some energy to deliver the gas from well head to point of use). For all the discussion of how you will have no losses of electricity because it is generated locally, that isn't the fair measure of success. You have to take into account the transmission of gas itself (and then you have to compare the Bloom Box conversion efficiency as compared to the electric plant, and so on...)

    Joe J.