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  • Jul 28th, 2010 @ 3:27pm

    Local Live is great fun.

    For one thing you are in a smaller venue, chances are you can actually hear the music and enjoy it. You might also get to meet a performer up close and personal. You may find out they are more accessible when they don't need a small army of security guys to be safe. And you yourself do not have to submit yourself to the possible hazards of attending a large venue such as the stampede that recently occurred in Germany.
    For another thing, you are not handing out your hard earned money to a bunch of crooks who add nothing (except disgust)to the experience.
    BTW Greyhound has apparently taken lessons from those guys. On top of the basic fare they add what seems like an endless list of gotcha fees. They even have a "window fee" if you buy your ticket at the station.