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  • Mar 20th, 2012 @ 1:50pm

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    Piracy could have something to do with it, however I think that idea is mostly wrong. It is that they can sell music (via iTunes and other online sources) for cheaper because there is no need to pay for shipping or the people selling them. Also you can't go to the store and buy one song, you can only buy a whole album.

    I have heard the same thing is happening with companies like Best Buy/Futureshop because people will go there and demo the product, then buy it off Amazon for less. People like being able to play around with a tablet or the likes, but because the online is often considered the "better service" people buy from amazon.

    There actually are still record stores around here, but those aren't so much for the people who want the latest song, they are for the record/physical copy lovers.

    I mean the exact same thing is going to happen soon with books, eBook sales are already soaring as physical sales are dwindling because they are cheaper and in my opinion the service is better. I have 25ish eBooks on my ereader, which sure beats carrying around 25 books.